Hi! My name is Nicoll, and I am the storyteller behind A Well-Seasoned Life. Jake and I have been lifelong explorers and adventurers, fueled by our undying love and passion for discovering the world. For the last 3 years, we decided to take this exploration to a whole new level by living full-time in our trusty RV. During this time, we traveled extensively throughout the U.S., visiting some of the most beautiful landscapes and meeting wonderful people along the way. You can check out our travel blog (Living Tiny With A Wolf). During this time, we gained an immense appreciation for off-grid living, finding freedom from the constraints of traditional society. This journey gave us a newfound appreciation for self-sufficiency and living sustainably.

But now, we are excited to put down some roots in order to focus our energy on growing a sustainable life that is reliant on little more than ourselves. From solar power to seed saving, and composting to rainwater harvesting—we are exploring every avenue possible when it comes to becoming totally self-sufficient. As part of this journey, we are documenting these experiences online so that others can learn with us and share their tips along the way too.

At its core, this website is about learning how to live mindfully—not always easy, but incredibly rewarding! We hope that you join us on this journey as we uncover unique ways of living that benefit both ourselves and the environment around us. Together we can create a brighter future filled with sustainable solutions, self-reliance, and creativity.

With love,